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Sumurun is Underway

Over 100 years old and still renowned as one of the most beautiful vintage yachts of the early 1900's

  • Builder/Designer: William & Sons of Scotland
  • Yacht Type: 94' classic ketch
  • Model Scale: 1/4"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: Underway
  • Model Description: Preservation

Sumurun has been sailing for over ten decades and creating an incredible yacht model remains a life long passion of ours.  


Tenacious may have been the last boat built at Windship-Trident in Tampa, Florida before the yard shut down in 1995

  • Yacht Builder/Designer: Windship-Trident/Ted Hood Design Group
  • Yacht Type: 115' pilothouse sloop
  • Model Scale: 1/4" = 1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2014
  • Model Description: Resort decor requiring 3,510 man-hours 

Model build for "Over Yonder Cay" luxury resort where "Tenacious" may also be chartered as part of your retreat experience. The model is on display in main villa of this completely self sustained private island.

Your very own America's Cup trophy

Custom Jewelry that Celebrates History

The oldest and most coveted prize in the world of sport can be yours. We can create your miniature cup to commemorate the America’s Cup, a truly monumental, global event celebrated the world over.

Northern Crown

Built in 1956, Northern Crown is a classic double ended cutter that never misses a Eggemoggin Reach Regatta in Down-East Maine

  • Builder/Designer: Walsteds in Denmark/K. Aage Nielsen
  • Yacht Type: 35' 6" double ended cruising cutter
  • Model Scale: 1/2" = 1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2013
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 1,500 man-hours

Walsteds still has an international reputation for building fine wooden boats and this fine model is on display at Rockport Marine, one of Maine's finest traditional boatbuilding and service yards.


Grace B

Originally built as one of 36 Chris-Craft models of this design in the mid 1950's. 

  • Builder/Designer: Chris-Craft
  • Yacht Type: 29′ Twin Engine Sportsman
  • Model Scale: 3/4" = 1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2012 and 2016
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 1,900 man-hours

The "Grace B" is a family boat used heavily on the waters of Lake Vermillion in Northern Minnesota. This pair of incredibly detailed models where built for the same family that has cared for her for it's entire life. One model is now part of the family's private heritage collection. 



Design by Fontaine Design Group and built by Hodgdon Yachts as a modern sailing yacht but with a classically inspired look.

  • Builder/Designer: Ted Fontaine/Hodgdon Yachts
  • Yacht Type: 98' Pilothouse Ketch
  • Model Scale: 5/16"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2010
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 3,200 man-hours

The family used the boat heavily after it was launched in 2006 in East Boothbay, Maine. The yacht model was commissioned as a stunning gift from one spouse to another detailed with gleaming birthstones and rich woodwork.



To this day Wianno Senior’s are still being built for class racing on the waters off Cape Cod

  • Builder/Designer: Crosby Yacht Yard
  • Yacht Type: Wianno Senior 25' Sloop
  • Model Scale: 3/4"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2010
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 800 man-hours

Famously known as a favorite of President John F. Kennedy, the Wianno Senior is a popular and international race class. This family heirloom was build as a gift from father to son to celebrate their long racing history on "Amusing". 



This custom built lobster style power yacht was completed in 1984.

  • Builder/Designer:  Jarvis Newman
  • Yacht Type:  Lobster Yacht
  • Model Scale: 1/2"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2010
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 1,100 man-hours

This is a gem of a model with all its interior and exterior paneled bright work and yellow gold fittings.



A custom built Swan 60 with an extended transom (now measuring 65’ in length)

  • Builder/Designer: Swan
  • Yacht Type: 65' Sloop
  • Model Scale: 7/16"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2009
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 2,300 man-hours

The owner was closely involved in the yacht's building process in 2002 and has since sailed her around the world.

Blue Muse

A Hinckley Co. 70' Ketch built in 2003

  • Builder/Designer: Hinckley
  • Yacht Type: 70' Ketch
  • Model Scale: 7/16"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2008
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 2,800 man-hours

Hinckley has a reputation of building beautiful sailing yachts.


Sailing Solo - in 2008 Reuben becomes a master

  • Builder/Designer: Paul Molich / Sparkman & Stephens
  • Yacht aType: 32' Classic Sloop
  • Model Scale: 3/4"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2008 
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring over 1,000 man-hours

Stormy (ex Poppy) has beautiful bright topsides and a classic bright deckhouse 

Maltese Falcon

When the project began most of the engineering techniques and the necessary integration of technology, for a fully functioning DynaRig had not yet been achieved.

  • Builder/Designer: Perini
  • Yacht Type:  289' Clipper Yacht
  • Model Scale: 1/16"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2007
  • Model Description: Desktop model requiring 2,100 man-hours

Model created for venture capitalist Tom Perkins as park of his private model collection. 

Sarah Jane

A Ted Fontaine 65’ sloop built at Lyman & Morse in Thomaston and completed by the owner at his home in Round Pond

  • Builder/Designer:  Ted Fontaine/Lyman-Morse
  • Yacht Type: 65' Custom Sloop
  • Model Scale: 1/2"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2006
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 2,700 man-hours

Model built for high end furniture maker as a discussion piece commemorating the very involved custom build. 


The super yacht Scheherazade was launched at Hodgdon Yachts in East Boothbay, Maine in September 2003.

  • Builder/Designer:  Bruce King
  • Yacht Type:  154' Ketch
  • Model Scale: 3/8"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2003
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 2,300 man-hours

Model built as an interior focal point and lighting design element in the main companionway on-board. 

Scheherazade is a 154' cold-molded hull


This 156' Sailing Yacht Hyperion is a German Frers designed sloop was build Silicon Valley entrepreneur Jim Clark in 1998 as the largest sloop ever built.

  • Builder/Designer: Royal Huisman / German Frers
  • Yacht Type: 156' Sloop
  • Model Scale: 1:60
  • Model Completion Date: 2001
  • Model Description: Yacht decor installed onboard requiring nearly 4,900 man-hours

She was a very high tech yacht and was written about in many marine publications. The 194-foot carbon-fiber mast also broke records as the tallest mast in the world. 


Atlantide can still be spotted off the coast of Maine

  • Builder/Designer: Alfred Mylne
  • Yacht Type: 110' Sailing motor yacht
  • Model Scale: 1/4"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 2000
  • Model Description: Family heirloom requiring 5,500 man-hours

Model build for venture capitalist Tom Perkins (link to quote) as park of his private model collection. 

Atlantide was restored in 1999 to new yacht condition by Tom Perkins to become the tender to the yacht Mariette and then became the tender to the modern day clipper ship the Maltese Falcon


This 138’ Nathanael Greene Herreshoff design was built at Herreshoff Manufacturing Co., Bristol, Rhode Island in 1915

  • Builder/Designer:  N.C. Herreshoff/ Herreshoff MFG Co.
  • Yacht Type:  138' Schooner
  • Model Scale: 1/4"=1'
  • Model Completion Date: 1997
  • Model Description: Private collection - Bequeathed to MIT 4,500 man-hours

Model build for venture capitalist Tom Perkins as part of his private model collection